Summer: Day 38

Okay, I have not been on this site in a long time, like three years but… There are no excuses. Any way summer is chilly and slow, where is the 90 degree weather! I have my summer school, and my language arts homework. School starts in 43 days. To soon, way to soon! Wait isn’t summer supposed to be lacking homework? As it turns out my teachers do not think that. I have about eight projects and two books to read and annotate. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE reading but not while I have to annotate and have projects to do. Oh and I am taking health over summer so got to love that!… Not really, and I am learning how to play golf. Loads of fun there, right. (no sarcasm intended) As I said before summer is super slow. I think the most interesting thing is a Secret!!! The second most interesting thing is my dog has adopted a stuffed animal. A monkey acutely. It is sort of adorable, she carries it every where and if you move it she picks it up and lays back down with it. 🙂

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